About Us

Jedmax Seeds Market stall

Welcome to Jedmax seeds, an Australian business owned and operated by me (Bev) since 1999. I hope you enjoy perusing through my collection of handmade Seed Jewellery. My varied designs range from traditional, graceful, eclectic and sometimes, just simply playful and vibrant.

Over the many years of travelling throughout the magnificent  tropics in Australia, I developed a strong infinity for nature and the beauty it has to offer.
Seed jewellery is an ancient tradition shared by many cultures across the world, never so strong as here in the Australian tropics. I had the privilege of learning many stories and traditions from my indigenous friends especially about our glorious seeds and their fascinating uses.
Throughout my travels, I collected many different seeds ranging from our Red Bead Seeds (Adenanthera Pavonina), bright,red and vibrant, to the “Lucky”  Matchbox Seed (Entada Phaseoloides) with its rich brown shiney surface, and began to weave them for fun. As my collection of traditional jewellery seeds grew, so did my collection of Seed Jewellery, with many admirers wanting to own one of my designs. It was then that I decided to turn my passion into a full time obsession and thus created Jedmax seeds.
I now live in Far North Queensland and enjoy growing my very own many different of seeds. My beautiful seeds are rich, colourful, healthy and durable which transfers into high quality truly unique jewellery.
Each seed is gathered and drilled in preparation for the piece I am about to make in my studio in the Far North Australian Tropics. My designs vary and at times I enjoy using a variety of quality resources such as Gemstones, Pearls, and Sterling Silver .
I hope you enjoy my handmade seed jewellery as much as I enjoy making, and of course, wearing it. My inspiration comes from the magnificent beauty of nature which I feel is well and truly reflected in my work.
I am always happy to custom make my seed jewellery for those who have a specific idea in mind or simply require different colour or length. Feel free to contact me in regards to this or any other enquiries.