Leucaena and Red Bead Seed triple tier Necklace, all size Cuff Bracelet and Sterling Silver stud Earrings Set 21d

Vibrant Red Bead Seeds and rich Leucaena seeds from Far North Queensland, make this a stunning, striking jewellery set.  The set includes an all size Bracelet Cuff, triple tier Necklace and Sterling Silver stud earrings, can be fashionably worn together or separately for a different look. Each piece is finished in 925 Sterling Silver.

Handmade jewellery is never exactly the same, lengths and colour can vary with each unique piece. Necklace Approx 50cm to 80cm, Bracelet Cuff Approx 7cm diameter and 3cm thick, Earrings 1.3cm diameter.Please contact Bev at Jedmax seeds if you would like to create a personalised length. Keep Seeds Dry for longevity.

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Price: $ 245.00

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